People Want To Give. We Help People Plan To Give.

The Community Foundation of Western PA & Eastern OH has one guiding purpose, nick-strimbuthat is to help individuals give back to a region for which they care about deeply.  Our founding fund, the O’Brien Children Memorial Fund, started it all by raising $53, 997 during a fundraiser in 1981. Since then we have helped donors grant over $50 million into the community.

Because nobody knows a community better than people that live and work in it on a daily basis, our foundation created its affiliate system.  These affiliates work to help individuals set up donor advised, field of interest, donor designated, and scholarship funds that will support the community now and into the future.

Our Six Affiliate Foundations Are:

Though close in distance, each of the above communities has its own specific needs.  The boards of these affiliate foundations are made up of leaders who, in most cases, have spent their entire lives living and working in their communities.  This gives our affiliate foundations a distinct advantage in ensuring that they truly are meeting the needs of the community that they serve.

Members of the affiliate foundation boards also comprise the governing board of the Community Foundation of Western PA & Eastern OH.  These individuals are:

Karen Winner-Sed (President)

William Strimbu (Vice-President)

Kenneth Turcic (Secretary)

Ronald Anderson (Treasurer)

James A. O’Brien (Past President)

Michael Bshero

Robert Sherbondy

Rita Clemente

Jeff Matthews

Robert Miller

Ernie May

Leann Smith

Lew Kachulis

Steven Gurgovits

Al Puntureri