Current Grant Requests

Outstanding Grant Requests

Our region is blessed with exemplary charitable organizations that rely on public support to complete their good work.  Below are the current grant requests that have been received by the Community Foundation on behalf of our affiliate foundations.  Please submit a Grant Recommendation Form if you have an advised fund and would like to support one of these requests.

Grove City Foundation

  • Grove City Community Library

    The library is looking to install an automated door opening system in the library’s entrance doorways as part of fulfilling the library’s mission to provide free and equal access to everyone, regardless of an individual’s limitations or physical disabilities.

Lawrence Community Foundation

  • Gussie M Walker Community Outreach Organization

    Through Walker's Neighborhood House, this organization provides after school tutoring and and a summer program. It is their goal to provide a place to go for educational assistance as well as a place for recreation in a controlled environment. They work to empower the underprivileged youth of New Castle to be the best they can be by obtaining a better education.

Northern Mercer County Community Foundation

  • Downtown Ministries

    DTM is looking to provide an outdoor venue for the youth of the community to congregate and enjoy cultural activities. The blighted property at 170 Main Street (contiguous to Fresh Grounds) will be turned into a community gathering place/patio. This request contains a matching grant from the Baughman Foundation of up to $10,000.

  • United Way of Mercer County

    The United Way has committed to an initiative to “lift families out of poverty” through three focus priorities: health, education, and financial stability. They are partnering with 30 non-profit agencies and private sector businesses with a goal to serve 1,500 families in poverty by December 2017.

  • Boy Scouts of America, French Creek Council

    The Scouts goal is to have a permanent bridge that crosses the Deer Creek at Custaloga Town Scout reservation in Carlton, Pennsylvania, so the youth and adults can attend camping opportunities for years to come without the concern of the only road into camp being washed out and being stranded in camp. these efforts are to replace the road that washed away in December 2016.

  • Greenville Heritage Days

    This year is the 10th year of the Greenville Hermitage Days 3-day weekend event. While continuing the great family friendly activities, they are requesting funding for upgraded transportation in the park and around town, the tradition of ending the festival with fireworks, to make additional improvements to the park, and to keep prices at a level that every family can afford.

  • Junior Achievement of Western PA

    The mission of Junior Achievement is to inspire young people to embrace free enterprise and prepare for success in a global economy, and the purpose of this grant is to provide programming on financial literacy to students in Mercer County in grades K through 12. The goal is to serve 2,225 students in Mercer County (200 in Greenville) with this program at a total project cost of $71,200.

  • Creative Learning Christian School

    The purpose and mission of Creative Learning Christian School is to partner with parents and the Church in the training of their children. The school works to develop a child's hearts and minds for Christ while promoting academic excellence. They recognize individual learning differences and strive to meet every child on their individual level. This provides an all-encompassing educational opportunity for students to attain their highest spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical potential.

Northern Trumbull County Community Foundation

  • Trumbull Family Fitness

    This downtown Warren facility has not been renovated since the 1960s. In order for this facility to remain relevant, and secure its future, it needs to be more modern. They have contracted a professional planner to develop an architectural program to redevelop the first two floors. The board is currently raising funds to complete a project study for the necessary renovations.

Shenango Valley Foundation

  • West Hill Ministries

    This program is an collaboration of 4 churches in Sharon and has been serving the children of our community for the past 25 years. To meet the needs of our young children they offer an Afterschool Program to provide free daycare services for working parents, a free Clothing Closet for needy families and a Summer Program. Five Senior Citizen luncheons are also offered throughout the year are offered as an outreach to older adults in the community. They are requesting support help in paying the salaries of the Program Facilitator and Program Director, without whom the program could not take place.

  • Prince of Peace Center

    This center has been serving the needs of the impoverished since 1983, primarily young and single mothers. They are seeking support for three programs:
    1. HOPE Advocacy – This program offers “walk through life” advocacy to single women and parents who lack the social skills to balance needs and resources in their lives. The program has been in operation for nearly 20 years and currently has the capacity to support 20 families at any given time.

    2. Emergency Services AWESOME classes – Funds from the support from AWESOME help persons in genuine financial crises and in danger of losing housing or a utility service, including advocating for a family by contacting the utility and seeking a resolution plan, as well as helping to make payments onto a bill of choice for successful participants within the program classes.

    3. Fatherhood Initiative – Through this program services are provided for young men who are fathers – many of whom are unemployed/underemployed and/or parolees – to assist them in taking productive and active roles within the lives of their children. Prince of Peace is not aware of anyone in the local communities engaging this population, and feel we can anticipate another generation of replicated failures should we continue to do nothing.

  • Joshua's Haven City Mission

    The mission of this group, the only rescue mission in all of Mercer County, is to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and proclaim the gospel of Jesus to all. They are in their ninth year of providing daily warm meals to anyone who is hungry, as well as on-site housing to homeless men and free lodging at local motels to homeless women and children. In 2016, they also began offering on-site health assessments. Financial support is being requested towards their general operational budget and to expand the number of people they can assist

  • United Way of Mercer County

    The United Way has committed to an initiative to “lift families out of poverty” through three focus priorities: health, education, and financial stability. They are partnering with 30 non-profit agencies and private sector businesses to serve 1,500 families in poverty by December 2017.
    Financial support is being requested from the below to provide quality programs that enable families to acquire the resources and services they need to transcend poverty.

Trumbull County Community Foundation

  • Youngstown Business Incubator

    The Youngstown business Incubator has developed a Women in Entrepreneurship Program in order to promote the growth and creation of women owned businesses as a channel for creating personal and community wealth. This program has developed a range of initiatives that help to encourage women to start their business and help them with the process, thus helping to enable them to achieve their full potential throughout their career.