Donor Designated Funds

Many individuals want to know that organizations they supported during their life will be able to count on their support in perpetuity.

These organizations and causes often include:

  • Churches
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Unrestricted funds to an affiliate of the Community Foundation
  • Public Libraries
  • Animal Welfare
  • Scholarships
  • Recreational Centers

Designated funds operate as a regular endowment, where only the income of the fund is distributed on an annual basis.  This leaves the principal to grow over time, a concept that allows organizations that hold a special place in a person’s life to always count on their support, and keep them sustainable.

Donors will often select a combination of organizations to support.  For example:

25% of income will go to a church

25% of income will go to a school

50% of income will be added to an unrestricted fund that can be used to satisfy the greatest needs in the community at large.

Examples of Donor Designated Funds

Baughman Foundation

The Emerson A., Agnes F., and David E. Baughman Foundation.

David Baughman wanted to ensure that the community he loved and supported throughout his life would not suffer upon his death.  By creating his donor designated fund, Greenville can now count on his support forever.

The Baughman Foundation makes annual grants to First Presbyterian Church in Greenville, the Greenville Public Library, Thiel College, and the Northern Mercer County Community Foundation’s unrestricted fund so that it may support recreational activities for the youth of Greenville.