Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds support specific aspects of community life.

These aspects can be specific in nature (children, a specific disease) or more general (the betterment of our region).  Field of Interest funds are governed by a committee of like minded individuals who work together to grant funds to charitable causes throughout our community.  These committees can be:

  • Named by the original donors of the fund to make grant recommendations to the Community Foundation
  • The original donor can ask that an affiliate board of the Community Foundation oversee grants from the fund.

Examples of Field of Interest Funds


The Strimbu Memorial Fund

Set up to honor Nick Strimbu Jr, this fund has provided millions of dollars in grants and scholarships since its inception in 1990.  The fund aims to give people throughout Mercer and Trumbull Counties a hand up, not a hand out.  This fund has its own advisory committee that fundraises and makes grant recommendations.


The O'Brien Children Memorial Fund

Created to honor Jill, Paul Jr., Stephanie, and Lola; this founding fund of the Community Foundation has a mission of providing support to children and the elderly throughout our community.  The fund also considers grants for other charitable causes.  All grant requests are reviewed and approved by the board of the Shenango Valley Foundation.